From the silent boy in the back end of the classroom to the teaching roll

During most of my child years I was involved in The Swedish Guide and Scout Association were I also was a leader for the younger kids. I was 15 years old then. The main focus here was it should be fun.

After school I enlisted in the military service as a sergeant with a completely different teaching strategy. Teaching was performed through discipline, shouting and punishment. Most of the “students” didn’t want to be there.

The next time I took the teacher roll was when I trained ju-jutsu and after a couple of years training I had my own classes. The students were there because they wanted to learn and they liked the discipline you have in a dojo.

After my university studies and during the time I searched for a job, I work as substitute at the upper high school were I grew up. I was teaching math and physics and the interest of the students were mixed.

During the last years I have shared my knowledge and interests at the company I work in different forums, from small CoPs to classes.

I have always liked to teach from the first time I did it and I get this great feeling when I see someone understand something they didn’t before or if someone says that hes/she is interested in what I am speaking about.

Sharing knowledge rocks!

What on this blog?

On this blog I will try to focus on two things, software quality and how to improve your skills. Software quality started to interest me when I did my first job change and I was assigned to develop something that should work 24 hours a day. Failure was the same as loosing money. After that I have constantly searched for information and assignment that I can learn more from.

During the last couple of years when the Agile & Lean movement have been adopted by companies, I have getting more interesting in the way, I as a person and my team, improve my/our skills. If you would have asked me 5-7 years ago about different process and standards I would have given you a answer like: It's for idiots that are not capable of doing a good job. Over the years I have become wiser :-)

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