12 December 2013

Learning day

Today my company arranged a Learning day in the format World Café Method which was really positive. In short all employees gathered together during the afternoon for discuss different topics in small groups. Every topic was introduced with a lightning talk followed with intense discussion's and sketching (every table were prepared with paper, pencils and questions). The idae to time box all sessions made everyone focus on what they wanted to say or/and ask. There was lot of energy in the discussions....really positive.

So why do I even write about this? The idea is nothing new. I guess it's more popular today when all companies goes agile. I will tell you what I though made this something extra.


We wrote down on the table what we discussed and in the end of every session we were asked for what findings we had done. Like a really short retrospective. If I only had discussed and afterwards went back to my desk, it would have been like a long coffee break.


I meet new people in my company. Instead of sit with my colleagues, I put myself outside my comfort zone and sat down with colleagues that work with something else in another department, like project managers, configuration manager, line manager, etc. I already know what my closest colleagues think and would say; because we see the same side of the coin.

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